The Third IEEE Workshop on Wireless LANs: Final Technical Program

Day 1: Thursday September 27 Day 2: Friday September 28
8:00-9:00         Registration (In front of Salon E) 8:00-9:00     Registration (In front of Salon E)
(Salon E)
9:00-9:10       Welcome

9:10-10:10     Keynote Speech: “The Past as Prolog”, 
                      Edson de Castro, Founder of Data General

10:10-10:30   Opening Remarks:  “Emergence of Location Aware 
                      LAN-PAN-HAN Industry”
                      Kaveh Pahlavan, Director CWINS

(Salon E)
9:00-10:30  Executive Panel:  Enabling Technologies for Next Generation 
                   WLAN,WPAN, WHAN: What Will Win?
                   Panel Chair: Geoff Dawe, President and CEO of GCD
10:30-11:00  Coffee Break (In Foyer) 10:30-11:00  Coffee Break (In Foyer)
(Salon E)
11:00-12:30  Marketing Panel: Limited-Range Wireless Communications: 
                     The Challenges Evolve
                     Panel Chair: Craig J. Mathias, Principal Farpoint Group
(Salon E)
11:00-12:30  Experimental Panel:  "Show and Tell" of Emerging Home 
                     Network Boxes
                     Marie-Jose Montpetit, Architect, Nokia Home Communications
12:30-2:00  Lunch Break (Salon D) 12:30-2:00  Lunch sponsored by Nokia Home Communications (Salon D)
2:00-5:00   Three Parallel Technical Sessions

   NS1:  UWB and OFDM for WLANs (Salon A)
   NS2:  Ad-Hoc Wireless Networks (Salon B)
   NS3:  Performance Studies (Salon C)

2:00-5:00   Three Parallel Technical Sessions

   NS4:     Indoor Geolocation (Salon A)
   NS5-A: Bluetooth and IEEE 802.11b (half session, Salon B)
   NS5-B: Resource Management (half session, Salon B)
   NS6:     User Perspectives (Salon C)

Keynote Speech

“The Past as Prolog”,
Edson de Castro, Founder of Data General, Director, Vality Technology.

Engineer, entrepreneur, Fortune 500 CEO, corporate director, and teacher, Mr. De Castro is best known as the founder, President, CEO, and Chairman of the Board of Data General Corporation.  In these positions, he led the company for more than 22 years from its inception.  During this time the company grew from a ground zero startup to a global Fortune 300 corporation with revenues in excess of $1.25 billion and employing more than 18,000 people. Some of his design work is preserved in the Computer History Collection of the Smithsonian, at the National Museum of American History.

More recently, he was the CEO of Xenometrix Corporation during its initial formation (1992) and also during a period of crisis (1995-1997).  Today he serves as Chairman of the Board of Eprise Corporation and is a Director of Avax Technologies, Direct Report Corp., Healthgate Data Corp., Vality Technology, Inc., VCampus Corp., and Zydacron, Inc, in addition to Vality.  He is also a Trustee of Boston University, a Member of the Advisory Council and of the Adjunct Faculty of the Clark University School of Management, and a Member of the Corporation of the Partners Healthcare System.

Mr. de Castro began his career as a Computer Design Engineer. In this role at Digital Equipment Corporation, he designed the industry';s first mini-computers - the PDP-5, PDP-8, and PDP-81 - which propelled that company into leadership in the low-cost computer market and launched it on its quarter-century fast growth track. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Massachusetts at Lowell and attended the Harvard University Graduate School of Business Administration.

Edson D DeCastro and Nova, 1968


Enabling Technologies for Next Generation WLAN,WPAN, WHAN: What Will Win?
Chair: Geoff Dawe, President/CEO Global Communication Devices
Panelists: James Moniz, Conexant -- Dr. Ken O, University of Florida -- Drayt Avera, RF Solutions

Limited-Range Wireless Communications: The Challenges Evolve
Chair: Craig J. Mathias, Principal Farpoint Group
Panelists: Wayne Caswell, HomeRF Communications Chairman, SIEMENS Cordless Products -- Rick Maule, Vice President and General Manager, Mobile Connectivity Division, 3Com Business Connectivity Company --  Jim Zyren, Director of Marketing, Wireless Networking Business Unit, Intersil --  Rick Bahr, Vice President, Engineering, Atheros

"Show and Tell" of Emerging Home Network Boxes
Chair: Marie-José Montpetit, Ph.D., Network Architect Nokia Home Communications
Panelists: David Starobinski, Professor Boston University -- Kevin P. Jones, Vice President Nokia Home Communications Boston -- Carlton Sparrel, Network
Architect, Ucentric

Technical Sessions

NS1.  UWB and OFDM for WLANs
Chair: Robert Scholtz, Univ. Southern California

1. Pilot Symbol Based Detection and Synchronization for OFDM WLANs, A.J. Coulson (invited)  (S2.1 in the Proceeding)
2. Ultra Wide Band Signal Simulations using FDTD Method, K. Siwiak, T.M. Babij  (S1.2 in the Proceeding)
3. Broadband OFDM-FDMA System for the Uplink of a Wireless LAN, D. Galda, H. Rohling  (S2.3 in the Proceeding)
4. A Smart Switched Sector Array for Wideband Interference Mitigation in an OFDM-Based WLAN, H. Matsuoka, Y. Sun, S. Parker, C. Simmonds  (S2.4 in the Proceeding)
5. Architecture and Predicted Performance of an IEEE 802.11b-like WMAN Transceiver at 5.8GHz, A. Lackpour, M. Kavehrad, S. Thompson  (S4.1 in the Proceeding)
6. H/2 DLC Protocol in Hard Real Time Systems, H. Wijaya, N. Esseling, O. Klein, W. Zirwas, Hui Li, J. M. Eichinger, A. Vidal  (S4.3 in the Proceeding)
7. Analysis and Design Tools for Ultrawideband Antennas, S. Makarov, J. Beneat, K. Pahlavan  (S1.4 in the Proceeding)
NS2.  Ad Hoc Wireless Networks
Chair: Prashant Krishnamurthy, Univ. of Pittsburgh
1. Self Organizing and Self-Healing Ad-hoc Networks, C. Elliott, presented by Dr. J. Burchfiel (invited)  (S3.1 in the Proceeding)
2. Demand-Based Bluetooth Scheduling, R. Rao, O. Baux, G. Kesidis  (S3.2 in the Proceeding)
3. Analysis of TCP and UDP Traffic in MANETs, T.D. Dyer, R.V. Boppana  (S3.3 in the Proceeding)
4. Dynamic Allocation of Clustering Technique in Ad Hoc Wireless Network, I-S Hwang and C-Y Wang  (S3.4 in the Proceeding)
5. Link Stability-Based Routing and Clustering in Ad Hoc Wireless Networks Using Fuzzy Set Theory, I-S Hwang, C-C Liu and C-Y Wang  (S3.5 in the Proceeding)
6. Resource Management in Multihop Mobile Wireless Networks, C-H Yeh, D. Zhang  (S3.6 in the Proceeding)
7. Fixed-Zone-Based Routing Protocols for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks, H. Du, H. S. Hassanein, C-H Yeh  (S3.7 in the Proceeding)
NS3.  Performance Studies
Chair:  Allen Levesque, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
1. Modeling Infrared LANs in Glomosim, S. Carroll, J. Carruthers  (S5.2 in the Proceeding)
2. Robust Mobile Multimedia Conferencing, I. Agoren, M. Kavehrad  (S5.3 in the Proceeding)
3. Quality of Service Aware Routing in Wireless Multihop LANs, Q. Xue, A. Ganz  (S5.4 in the Proceeding)
4. IEEE 802.11 DCF with Capture over Rician-Fading Channel, Z. Hadzi-Velkov, B. Spasenovski  (S5.5 in the Proceeding)
5. An Intelligent Frequency Modulation Controller with Fuzzy Function for IEEE 802.11 Multi-Rate/Range Transmission, S-T Sheu, J. Chen, and Y-D Wang  (S5.6 in the Proceeding)
6. Space-Time Transmit Diversity-Aided Acquisition in CDMA Networks, J. Thomas  (S5.7 in the Proceeding)
7. Performance Results for SPW Implementations of IEEE 802.11a and HIPERLAN/2 WLAN Standards, V. Ghazi-Moghadam  (S4.7 in the Proceeding)
8. DSP Implementation of High Speed WLAN Using OFDM, M. Fahim Tariq, T. Horseman, A. Nix  (S2.2 in the Proceeding)
NS4.  Indoor Geolocation
Chair: Alan Coulson, Industrial Research Limited, New Zealand
1. A Precision Location Network Using Ultra Wideband WLAN Radios, G. Shreve, D. Kell  (S6.3 in the Proceeding)
2. A Probabilistic Approach to WLAN User Location Estimation, P. Myllymaki, T. Roos, H. Tirri, P. Misikangas, J. Sievanen  (S6.4 in the Proceeding)
3. A Portable Wideband System for Monitoring and Locating Firefighters and Other Emergency Personnel, T. Kochanski  (S6.5 in the Proceeding)
4. Mobile Terminal Location in Indoor Cellular Multi-path Environment, I. Abnizova, P. Cullen, S. Taherian  (S6.6 in the Proceeding)
5. A Framework for Indoor Geolocation Using an Intelligent System, C. Nerguizian, C. Despins, S. Affes  (S6.7 in the Proceeding)
6. Indoor Super Resolution TOA Measurement in Frequency-Domain, X. Li, K. Pahlavan  (S6.8 in the Proceeding)
NS5-A.  Bluetooth and IEEE 802.11b  (half session)
Chair: Marie-Jose Mantpetit, Nokia Home Communications
1. Maximizing Performance of a Wireless LAN in the Presence of Bluetooth, M. Fainberg, D. Goodman  (S8.1 in the Proceeding)
2. A Multichannel Broadband Infrared Wireless LAN, W. Bynoe, J. Carruthers  (S9.2 in the Proceeding)
3. Integrating Wireless and Wireline Networks: Architectures of Seamless User-centric Networks, A. Al-Awadhi, J. Carruthers  (S9.4 in the Proceeding)
4. Interference Between IEEE 802.11b and Bluetooth, P. Choi, A. Vasquez, M.V.S. Chandrashekhar, K. Pahlavan  (S8.4 in the Proceeding)
NS5-B.  Resource Management  (half session)
Chair: Aura Ganz, Univ. of Massachusetts, Amherst
1. A Framework for Quality of Service Provisioning for Broadband Internet Access with Wireless Networks, M.R. Sridhar, S.R. Cook  (S7.2 in the Proceeding)
2. Encryption and Power Consumption in Wireless LANs, N. Ruangchaijatupon, P. Krishnamurthy  (S7.3 in the Proceeding)
3. Seamless Connectivity in Public Wireless LANs using Agent Based Technology, A. Haneef, A. Ganz  (S7.5 in the Proceeding)
4. Fast Handoff Scheme in Wireless LANs For Real-Time Systems, V. Kumar Choyi, B. Sarikaya, S. Gurivireddy  (S7.4 in the Proceeding)
NS6.  User Perspectives
Chair: John Orr, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
1. Generation 11: Wireless Data Moves Outside the Enterprise, J.F. Mollenauer (invited)  (S9.1 in the Proceeding)
2. UMTS-WLAN Roaming in Hot-Spot Areas: A Techno-Economic Study, A. Cerboni, J. Harno, D. Varoutas, D. Katsianis, I. Welling, K-O Kalhagen  (S10.1 in the Proceeding)
3. Wireless LAN Adoption: A Quantitative Analysis, P. Bruno, L. Hughes  (S10.2 in the Proceeding)
4. Wireless LAN for the Classroom, M.A. Sosinski  (S10.3 in the Proceeding)
5. Differentiated Services for Wireless LANs, I. Kim, A. Ganz  (S10.4 in the Proceeding)
6. Security and Privacy Issues in Wireless Applications, M. Jakobsson, B. Kaliski, J-O Larsson, S. Wetzel  (S10.5 in the Proceeding)
7. Privacy Law and the Wireless Revolution, I. Mahony  (S10.6 in the Proceeding)
8. What Is Your Patent Worth?, D. Drinkwater, M. Widmer  (S10.7 in the Proceeding)